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Hairpieces By Vital Image International, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What colors do your hairpieces come in?

All our hairpieces are custom and can be made in any color. In fact, all hairpieces are made exactly like the customer's hair, using several different colors, because no one's hair is one color.

Q.  When my natural hair color changes, can the hairpiece be changed to match my hair?

We make the hairpieces with many different shades, so that it matches at all different stages of your own color. It's preferable not to color the piece, so you don't lose all the different tones, and so the piece won't fade. Another option is to add hair, and that's the best way to enrich the color.

Q.  How often does my hairpiece need to be cleaned?

You should shampoo your hairpiece as often as it needs it depending on how often you wear it. It can be washed a few times a week, or a few times a month.

Q.  Can a blowdryer, curling iron or hot rollers be used on my hairpiece?

All these styling tools can be used on 100% human hair.

Q.  Can the hair in the hairpiece loosen?

Yes, some hair loss is normal. Proper shampooing is most important. We do replace hair when needed.

We can also service your hairpiece. We can add hair when needed, or enlarge the base, or make some bases smaller. When we add hair and service your hairpiece, it will look like new. If properly cared for, your hairpiece can last indefinitely.

Feel free to call and ask any questions.

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Women's Hairpieces By 
Vital Image International, Inc. 

Hairpieces are hand crafted from the 
highest quality human hair available and 
designed for strength and durability

Solid base pieces in all sizes and shapes 
Hair accessories and additions include 
handcrafted and custom designed 
pony tails, 
fill ins, 
and more! 

Additions, attachments, custom clip-ons, 
hand-wefted extensions, integrations, replacements 

Help for androgenetic alopecia female pattern baldness or 
hereditary hair loss